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At LDV, our mission has always been to build hard-working vehicles that give you the power to take on the road ahead. So you can move everything from your family and mates to your work equipment and luggage - all in comfort and style.

Now, to help protect our planet, we're turning our innovative eye toward more environmentally friendly vehicles that contribute to a greener tomorrow. Which is why we're proud to introduce three new pure electric vehicles.

Say hello to Australia's first fully electric dual cab ute, the eT60. As well as a fully electric large van, the eDeliver 9 and the MIFA 9, a full-sized luxury electric people mover. Each is a sustainable spin on our signature strength and vehicles that deliver everything you need to get the job done.



Electric means zero tailpipe emissions, so you're contributing to a more sustainable planet.


Just like charging your phone, you can plug your car into a charging station - at home or on the road - and hit the road.


With fewer moving parts, electric vehicles could potentially reduce your running costs*.


Electric vehicles deliver maximum torque as soon as you put your foot on the pedal. That means quick up-front acceleration to get you on your way.


eDeliver 9 Van & Cab Chassis

A pure electric version of the van that Australia's blue chip fleets love. With it, you can get the job done and build your business - all while driving towards a greener future.

eT60 UTE

Australia's first pure electric dual cab ute has arrived. Jump in the eT60 and move your crew and your tools without the emissions.


A sleek and stylish people mover that offers plenty of space and next level comfort. It's full of clever practical and luxe features - making every journey enjoyable, and sustainable.


At home or on the go, keeping your pure electric vehicle ready to roll is quick and easy. Charge up and tackle everything from errands and road trips.


For efficient at-home charging, LDV recommends installing a home EV charger. You may wish to speak to one of our preferred suppliers EVSE and JET Charge, two of the country's most trusted EV charging experts. Simply call or email them using the details below to arrange for a technician to come to your home. They'll conduct a site visit to provide a tailored quote for your home.

Phone: 1300 406 210

Phone: 1300 856 328

Please note that for complex sites, more investigation could be required by the supplier. If so, it will be communicated to you by the supplier before any work is carried out. Further investigations may be conducted by the supplier at a fee.


Set course on that long road trip or make all your deliveries and site visits without worry thanks to a growing number of EV fast-charging stations around Australia.

You can find a map of charging sites around your area here:


Electric vehicles help lower your environmental impact. And they could be cheaper to run too, with no filling up required, and fewer parts that can add up to longer service intervals*. That means less time at the petrol station and the mechanic.

Electric cars are also easy to drive, with immediate power delivery and a quiet, comfortable ride.

Instead of running on petrol, EVs use Electricity from the grid or your home's solar to charge the vehicle's battery. The battery delivers the energy to the electric motor, which directly and instantly powers the wheels.

They are generally considered mechanically simpler than traditional fuel-powered vehicles, offering quicker acceleration.

That depends on the make and model of your EV. Your driving style, type of journey, vehicle configuration, battery age and condition, use of vehicle features, as well as operating, environmental and climate conditions may also impact your driving range. Check each of our models eDeliver 9, eT60 and MIFA 9 to see each of their workable ranges. As a guide, most Australians drive an average of 38km per day, though this might be higher if using your vehicle for business.

More and more public chargers are becoming available, allowing you to top up on the go.

LDV Electric vehicles can take both a Type 2 AC plug, a common charge type used in Australia, and a CCS2 DC plug for fast chargers.

LDV Electric Vehicle Plug

Electric vehicles can be charged from home or at a public charging station. There is a growing number of public charging stations for electric cars across Australia.

Refer to our 'Where to Charge' section above for more information on charging at home or publicly.

It depends on your vehicle model and the charger you use.

DC (Direct Current) equipment is fast charging, whilst an AC (Alternating Current) is slower. LDV Electric vehicles all offer fast DC charging, which means your vehicle can charge from 20% to 80% in approximately 45 minutes. EV charging speed is expressed in kilowatts (kW). The higher the number of kilowatts, the faster the vehicle will charge, up to the capacity of the vehicle's on-board charger.

Charging times may also vary based on factors including but not limited to battery temperature, electricity supply, auxiliary consumables (e.g. air-conditioning) and environmental conditions.

You may wish to speak to one of our preferred suppliers JET Charge or EVSE about options, installation and pricing in your area.

Contact them here:



AC (Alternating Current) power comes from the electricity grid and is the most commonly available charging method. Most home chargers use single phase AC, which is slower. However, some larger homes and businesses may have three phase AC which can deliver more power quicker.

DC (Direct Current) charging is much more powerful and provides a more constant charge. It's ideal for rapidly charging electric vehicles. This kind of charger is usually found at public charging stations for a quick boost.

You can purchase an electric LDV at an authorised LDV Electric vehicle dealership. Locate the nearest one on our Locate a Dealer page.

Each LDV Electric vehicle comes with a comprehensive new vehicle and battery warranty, with roadside assist covering you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Visit eT60, eDeliver 9 and MIFA 9 to learn more about each vehicle's warranty.

*Running costs may be impacted by a variety of factors, including but not limited to your driving style, electricity costs, your battery age and condition, and your use of vehicle features.



Ready to roll?
Find an LDV Electric vehicle dealer near you.


Want to find out how EVs can help your business take the next sustainable step? Speak to a fleet specialist today.

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